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View Payment History

  • If you'd like to view your paid invoices, click "Paid Invoices" on the "Your Account" menu.
  • For "Invoice Number" enter one of your invoice numbers in the "From" box to search for that specific invoice. Enter an invoice number in the "To" box as well to search for all invoices within the given range.
  • For "Invoice Amount", enter a dollar amount in the "From" box to search for invoices with that exact total amount. Enter a dollar amount in the "To" box to search for invoices with totals within the given range.
  • Once you have entered your search criteria, click the "Search" button to perform a search.
  • Please note: There is a known bug that prevents a clickable calendar from appearing when the "From" or "To" boxes are clicked for both " Transaction Date" and "Aging Date". We are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible.
  • Any invoices that match your search criteria will be listed.