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PRISM is a dynamic partnership between the Retailer, the Vendors and Animal Supply Co. created to enhance a shopper’s experience, attracting and inspiring customers to explore a beautiful and intuitively designed store, stirring excitement, and maximizing your store’s success.

How PRISM WORKS: Vendors invest in the Retailer by contributing to the cost of new shelving, displays, design and layout. In return, Retailers invest in the Vendor by agreeing to stock their product on those very shelves for a minimum of 1 year. Animal Supply Co. offers support through the initiation, consultation and implementation of the entire design process.

The PROCESS: Discuss with your ASC Sales Representative the scope of the project and the various ways PRISM can enhance your business. Based on measurements, layout and your specific needs, an estimate is created. Next, choose the Vendors you would like to partner with, and soon, installation of the new structures begin!

The OUTCOME: You have a brand new or newly remodeled pet specialty store at a fraction of the price! The look is pristine, the displays, eye-catching, the brands are proudly showcased and your customers are delighted, enthused and inspired. A fresh look, happy customers, and successful brands – this is the PRISM EFFECT!

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