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Why Animal Supply Co.?

We are committed to delivering success to the independent retailer! Strong partnerships with our retailers and vendors enable us to successfully achieve this goal.

We develop solid, long lasting relationships built on honesty, integrity and trust with our retailers and vendors who share our commitment to offering quality products and services to the consumer. We offer many avenues to success for both the retailer and the vendor. An overview of some of the reasons to choose Animal Supply Co. as your "distributor of choice" follows.

Picking Success

Have you ever wondered how we pick, process and ship your orders? This video shows our latest technology using voice recognition software from Intek Technologies. Over the years, we have partnered with Intek Technologies to solve some of the distribution system challenges on picking, processing and shipping orders. Please enjoy the video.

Superior Sales Support

Our highly trained staff of 14 outside sales professionals and 15 customer service representatives are dedicated to servicing our 1200 independent pet retailers with a focus on retailer success. Category analysis, product training and merchandising assistance, are just a few of the services our Animal Supply Co. sales representatives can provide to help make your store more profitable, and able to offer the differential your customers are looking for.

Our customer service department provides a one-on-one experience for our retail partners by providing the tools, support and service needed to succeed. At Animal Supply Co., customer service begins before, during and after the sale!

Order Capturing

Our advanced computer technology allows us to receive and process orders in several formats for the highest possible order entry accuracy rate.

Pet Supply Link

We have installed in-store hand-held order processing systems that link to our system using proprietary software in over 100 retail stores. Users find that this tool improves order entry accuracy, reduces the amount of time it takes to complete an order, and reduces paperwork. Users simply point and scan items in the store or barcode labels and transmit the order via wi-fi or Microsoft ActiveSync. Orders sent to us are received and uploaded to the system in 5 minutes or less.

Reliability & Fine Tuned Operations

Our dedicated staff of reliable, professional, courteous drivers knows that the last thing our retail partners need to worry about is whether their order will be delivered on time. We take pride in knowing that you can count on us. Covering one of the most diverse geographic areas in the United States our customers depend on our excellent service levels, providing next day service in less than 24 hours in most cases.

Directed Pick

We've partnered with Intek Technologies to implement Warehouse Librarian in our distribution centers. Our Carousel, Radio Frequency and soon-to-be voice recognition technology enabled warehousing system, allows us to maintain superior inventory control, ensures timely and accurate fulfillment of orders and delivers an excellent pick accuracy level, virtually eliminating shipping errors. It also provides us with real time product inventory levels.


We have a highly professional talented central buying team focused on inventory management in all distribution center locations to insure an excellent fill rate while at the same time offering the freshest product possible.


We offer an ever increasing selection of marketing and advertising programs. These programs were designed to educate and promote products to the retailer and ultimately, to the consumer.

Here’s a small sampling of programs:

  • Promotional programs distributed to our customers via print & web

  • Retail Messenger Monthly Promos

  • ISO’s

  • Price Books

  • Overstocks/Closeouts Sale

  • Email Blasts

  • Pre-Booking programs

  • Tradeshows and events

GAP-Category Management

By analyzing vendor product mixes regionally and then ranking product sales volume by vendor and within the product category, we can help retailers determine how to stock store shelves with the best selling items in each category, fill in any gaps in product mix and encourage expansion of product lines.

New Store Openings or Expansions

We work together as a team – retailer, vendor and distributor to set up new stores or gain new product placement at the store level. Vendors offer Initial Stocking Orders (ISO’s) and our joint sales teams make it happen. We also offer assistance with planning and strategy through our PRISM program.


Our merchandising program PRISM was especially designed for the independent pet specialty retailer. Combining the 5 pronged strategy approaches of Pricing, Retail Layout, Image, Selection and Merchandising, we can assist our retail partners in fine tuning their retail operations to maximize profits and achieve financial goals.

Growth Incentive Program (GIP) Rewards

To promote a strong partnership between independent distribution and independent retail, we have created the Growth Incentive Program which provides the following excellent benefits:

  • Improved retailer bottom line, as pass through manufacturer promotions “stack” on top of everyday GIP discounts

  • Rewards retailer loyalty by passing on the savings achieved through consolidated purchasing with reduced product pricing