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Vendor Supply Issues

Updated 02/18/14

Due to severe weather conditions across the nation, several vendors are experiencing delivery delays which may result in shortages. Click here to read more


The following vendors are currently experiencing extended delays:

    • Darford - Due to back-to-back snowstorms the delivery to Whittier has been delayed a week. ETA 2/14
    • Evangers - Further delays expected on product with weather conditions. No further updates at this time.
    • Eagle - Orders in Chicago are backlogged causing a one week delay.
    • Planet Dog - Offices and warehouses closed due to adverse weather conditions as of 02/13.
    • Thundershirt - Offices closed 1/29 due to inclement weather. Will ship orders within 24 hrs of reopen.
    • Wellness - Possibly one week delay. Chicago rail was down for one week, transportation outfits are backlogged.
    • Ziwi Peak - 10-day delay, trying to get product into their facility. Delivery times may become shorter as weather improves


Against the Grain

Pulled chicken for is on backorder for Denver. No ETA yet.

BB Meats

BB Meats had a mechanical issue with a custom machine that could cause a 2 to 4 month delay in packaging.

Items affected:

  1. 7002762 RR Turkey Stick 10"
  2. 7002755 RR BF Stick 10"
  3. 7002786 RR Turkey Bites 5z
  4. 7002779 RR BF Bites


Bionic is currently out of item #3917799 Bionic Stuffer Standard with expected availability around April 10th. We currently have limited availability in Stockton and Denver. Fife is out of stock.


Bixbi has increased production on all SKU's recently with the exception of Salmon. Most SKU's should be in stock although lamb has been discontinued due to manufacturer supply issues. Production was accelerated in January and stock positions are getting better.


Bramton is currently experiencing a shortage on disposable diapers. Please see ETA's for specific SKU's below.

    • 9105825 XS 12pk - 03/03/14
    • 9105832 SM 12pk - 1/27/14
    • 9105849 MD 12pk - 03/31/14
    • 9105856 LG 12pk - 03/03/14
    • 9105863 XL 12pk - 3/31/14


Items 6755553 BRAVO RAW Basic Rabbit 2#, 6521103 BRAVO RAW BLND BF NZ Chub 10# and 6521059 BRAVO RAW Orig BF BLND Chub 5# are currently unavailable do ingredient issues and are not expected to be available until at least mid-March.

Item 6721138 BRAVO RAW Basic Ostrich 2# has been discontinued due to supply issues.

By Nature / KNG

The following items have been discontinued by the manufacturer:

    • 9007644 ByNat Org Tur Dog 13z
    • 9007682 ByNat Org Tur SWT Pot Dog 13z
    • 9013799 ByNat Org Tur Liv Cat 5.5z
    • 9013812 ByNat Org Tur Chic Liv Cat 5.5z


Cat-Man-Doo is experiencing several supply issues.

The new machinery purchased for processing the Bonito Flakes failed and had to be returned for testing and repair. They are struggling to keep up with demand but will ship product as much as possible.

They are experiencing growing pains as demands for the Life Essentials Chicken products has increased dramatically. They have run out of chicken and are waiting for source product to arrive. ETA Mid February.

Salmon products have been held up due to a standard FDA inspection delay of 7-10 days. ETA is late February. We currently have inventory in all warehouses except Stockton.

    • 6840729 Life Ess Salm 2z
    • 6840828 Life Ess Salm 5z

Church & Dwight

Church & Dwight is having a production issue with the 20# Feline Pine Original, 60655. ETA is late February or early March.

Cloud Star

Due to a large increase in demand for Grain Free Buddy Biscuits, Buddy Biscuits Value Bags and Chewy Tricky Trainers, Cloud Star has been experiencing supply issues. They have added another oven and hopper to accommodate the new demands and expect to begin filling PO's.

Cloud Star expects to experience shortages on the following item:

    • 4291301 Buddy Bisc GF TRT Tuna Cat


The vendor has discontinued the following item:

    • Item 78277 CP Titan Aerial Trolley 75ft Dog Run 89072


Darford has moved Megabone production plants from Blaine, WA to Milan, MO. This has caused a delay in getting inventory while the processes used for quality control get implemented in the new location. By mid-February we should see fill rates from Darford increase as they get up to full production in the new plant.


Diamond's current lead time in Denver on PO's is 20 days which may cause some temp. out of stocks until back on schedule. This also affects any drop ships in this region.

Diamond continues to experience issues with their co-packer and are currently out of stock on all Taste of the Wild Sierra 13.2z and Chicken Soup Adult Dog 13z cans.

Chicken Soup will be going through packaging changes on their dry foods which will affect item numbers, UPC's and some bag sizes. Labels will be changing on the cans but the information will remain the same.


Dogswell is discontinuing the following items to make room for exciting new innovations that will hit the market in early 2014 that will include an entirely new cat treat line. ASC will sell through existing inventory.

    • 4000565 CATSW Happ Hips Chic 2z
    • 4000572 CATSW Vitakitty Chic 2z
    • 4000589 CATSW Breathies Chic 2z
    • 4141121 CATSW Happ Hips Salmon 2z
    • 4141329 CATSW Vitakitty Salmon 2z
    • 4141336 CATSW Vitakitty Tilapia 2z
    • 4162041 DOGSW Nutrisca Bites Salm 5z
    • 4164045 DOGSW Nutrisca FRZ Dry Salm 11z
    • 4115283 DOGSW Vital Tilapia JRK 15z
    • 4115184 DOGSW Happ Hip Tilapia JRK 15z


Evangers shipped several loads out last week which take minimum 7 days to transport. We anticipate receiving product over the next couple of weeks but this will be a slow recovery as they have much demand to refill the pipeline after their boiler breakdown and a part breaking on another machine. We were also notified by the vendor that there are more weather delays expected due to negative temperatures in Chicago. The vendor has told us they have been warned by trucking companies that trucks are already being waitlisted for next week due to the impending weather. We did try to order extra heavy on their products to avoid any out of stocks but it is all dependent on whether the vendor ships the products we ordered, in full as requested.


The Furhaven Pet Beds drop ship program is no longer being supported by ASC. Customers will need to contact Furhaven directly. Contact: Erin Oen, Furhaven Sales Rep,, ph 360-715-8787.


Greenies is currently experiencing shortages due to an overall capacity constraint they are experiencing in their Kansas City facility. They are currently addressing the issues every day. The constraints will remain heavy as they are ramping up for the Hip & Joint launch. Recovery is expected over the next few weeks but will have the heaviest impact in the following items:

    • Large and Regular size bones, all bag sizes - ETA end of March to early April
    • 27oz and 36oz bags, all sizez - ETA April
    • Teenie, Petite and Jumbo bones should be filled around 75-80% - 100% recover expected end of March to early April

Horseman's Pride

Two PO's have been delayed into Stockton and Denver; ETA is February 14th.


3050063 NPO Org Turkey ALS Cat 5z, and NPO Chicken Canned - KLN is not able to produce at this time. This is NOT discontinued.

The following items are expected to be out of stock during bag changes. The expected out of stock items are expected to be shorted to ASC until late February.

    • 3260011 NS Chic R Dog 18lb
    • 3223047 NS SB Puppy Chic Rice 6.6lb
    • 3263005 NS SB Puppy Chic Rice 18lb
    • 3223016 NS WT MGT Chic R Dog 6.6l
    • 3212508 NS WT MGT Chic R Dog 30lb
    • 3264019 NS LB Chic R Pup 18lb
    • 3265009 NS Sen Chic R Dog 30lb
    • 3266013 NS Adult Lamb Rice Dog 18lb
    • 3266006 NS Adult Lamb Rice Dog 33lb


The vendor is reporting that that the following items are out of stock but will be back in early February:

    • Item 5450452 - Kong Cat Crinkle Fish
    • Item 72963 - Kong Dental Kong - DK1
    • Item 74322 - Noys Dog Toy Beaver - NQ1
    • Item 74356 - Kong Cat Toy Squirrel - NQ4
    • Item 74368 - Kong Cat Toy Swizzle Bird - NZ1
    • Item 5450384 - Kong Cat Straw Ball - CW4
    • Item 5292014 - Kong Braidz RND Frog - BN12
    • Item 5450322 - Kong Cat Crinkle Ball Feathers - CC4
    • Item 70337 - Kong Noys Dog Toy Sitting Frog SM - NF3
    • The vendor has discontinued the following items.
    • Item 5013411 - Kong Suff N IQ Salm TRT
    • Item 5220055- Kong Tennis Ball Fish Cat
    • Item 5750019 - Kong Squeaker Puppy MD
    • Item 5221762 - Kong Kitty Fuzz Bugs Butterfly
    • Item 5750002 - Kong Squeaker Puppy LG
    • Item 5237039 - Kong Denim Mice Catnip Cat

The vendor is currently experiencing shortages in the items below; there is no ETA at this time.

    • 5244150 - Ballistic Sqwiggie MD
    • 5244167 - Ballistic Sqwiggie LG
    • 5244174 - Ballistic Double Tug SM
    • 5244181 - Ballistic Double Tug MD
    • 5244198 - Ballistic Bottle Track LG
    • 5244204 - Ballistic Ring MD
    • 5244211 - Ballistic Triangle MD
    • 5244228 - Ballistic Square MD
    • 5244235 - Ballistic Y Shape MD
    • 5244242 - Ballistic Sqwuggie SM


New Lotus cans - Just Juicy (BF & Pork) - are in stock in Fife/Stockton. Just Juicy Goat is still not available as they have had delays in getting ingredients. There is no ETA at this time but will update once we have this info.

Lotus is also out of stock on Turkey Pate Cat 12.5z cans but expect them to be back in stock in the last week of February.


  1. New Whole Earth Farms have been delayed into Denver and Fife.
  2. Texas Toothpicks, 3" GI Bone, Ranger Rib, sasuages - Intermittent out of stocks through early 2014
  3. New Rawhide Treats - delayed


MultiPet is out of stock on the Multi Loofa JMB 32", item 9478143, until February 2014.

The Vendor will be shorting the following items until late March 2014. We currently have stock available in Fife.

    • Item 9480863 - Multi Sock Pal Rabbit SM
    • Item 9204223 - Mulit Sock Pal Mouse for Cats


Nutro is having issues with all sizes of Max Cat dry due to new bags not arriving on time.

Organic Pet Superfood

  1. See BIXBI


The vendor has reported that the following items will be out of stock until the beginning of February 2014

      • Item 8192012 - PetLou PDQ Value Toy asst 36pc DSPL

Planet Dog

Delayed: Zip Leads are delayed. ETA July 2014

    1. 7004884 - Zip Lead Titanium - Small
    2. 7004891- Zip Lead Titanium - Medium
    3. 7004907 - Zip Lead Titanium - Large

The vendor reports that they are currently out of stock on the following items, ETA early March:

    • Item 7007144 Orbee Soul Ball Silver
    • Item 7006239 Nat Hemp Leash Blue 5'

ETA for the following items is the end of February 2014

    • Item 7002392 Baby Blanket Buddies LG
    • Item 7002385 Orbee Lil Pup SQK Blanket
    • Item 7001838 Pup baby Blanket Buddies

The vendor is experiencing a delay in shipping due to Chinese New Year- factories will begin shipping items to vendor week of Feb 17th.

    • Item 7006239 Nat Hemp Leash Blue

Discontinued items:

    • 7004914 - Zip Lead - Blue - Small
    • 7004921 - Zip Lead - Blue - Medium
    • 7004938 - Zip Lead - Blue - Large
    • 7004952 - Zip Lead - Orange - Medium
    • 7004969 - Zip Lead - orange - Large


The following items are transitioning into new foil packaging. This will be a rolling change and Plato will keep the same formula, size, UPC and item number.

    • 11044 Plato Org Chicken 16z
    • 4001176 Plato Org Chicken 6z
    • 11046 Plato Nat Duck 16z
    • 4001200 Plato Nat Duck 6z
    • 11041 Plato Nat Salmon 16z
    • 4001183 Plato Nat Salmon 6z


Primal is having raw material issues on ALL buffalo items. While they continue to locate more product, shortages will happen as they continue to allocate product.

Procter & Gamble

P&G is out of EVO Tur/Chi 5.5z and 13.2z cans through the end of March. Items: 40988/40987/41002/41003).

Samples are also limited and will have several out of stocks for the next few months.

Simply Fido

The vendor is experiencing shortages on the item below. ETA is late March 2014.

    • Item 8238562 SF Basic SQK Rope Owl Blue 9"

Solid Gold

Solid Gold Wee Bit Dog 33# (6742437) has been discontinued by vendor.

Currently out of stock: 4# Hol Fish-38230, 15# Hund Pup-38245, 28.5# Sun Dancer-6750258, 4# Indigo Moon-6744622, 15# Indigo Moon-6744639, 28.5# Bark at Moon-6746145. ETA to order from vendor is mid-Feb. Out of stocks are due to equipment and plant upgrades as well as some delays due to weather conditions.

Solid Gold is temporarily out of stock in the following item, ETA unkown:

    • 38329 Cinn Bone Bisc 2.5#


Vendor Reports that Item 9001239 TCrown Everlast Dental Chic MD is currently out of stock . ETA is beginning of February.

Stella & Chewy's

Item 1001073 STELLA Carnivore BF 3.25z is currently out of stock due to bag issues.

Superior Farms

Superior Farms has seen substantial growth recently and is upgrading their packaging machine to stay current with demands. Current packaging is a manual process so order files are backlogged at least three weeks.

Items affected:

      • ASC# 6004209 #104006 SFarm Venison Hiccups
      • ASC# 6004179 #010512 SFarm Lamb Lickerish


The vendor reports that the following item is out of stock until the end of March 2014.

    • Item 0001554 Thundershirt Calming Cap MD


The following items are currently out of stock with an ETA of Feb 11 2014:

    • Item 1905674- VIP MTJR-DINO-TRIC - VIP Mighty Jr Dino Triceratops
    • Item 1906831 - VIP T-DS_Armadillo Tuffy's Desert Armadillo
    • Item 1907784 - VIP MT-L-Bigfoot VIP Mighty Liar Bigfoot
    • Item 1904677 - DS-Vulture - VIP Tuffy's Desert Vulture


Ware is running about 2 weeks behind on shipping orders. Normal lead time is 3 weeks.


We are experiencing sporadic shortages on Wellness Products due to co-packing delays. All items will not be available for ASC to order from the vendor until the 2nd and 3rd week in December.

Update: We have received some of the cans in but we are still experiencing shortages from the vendor on the items below and sporadically on cans and treats across the board. They are not expected to start delivering to ASC again until the beginning to middle of February:

      • 12565 WELL Lamb SWT POT Dog 12.5z
      • 12577 WELL SR Dog 6z
      • 12601 WELL Tur SWT POT Dog 12.5z
      • 12625 WELL Salm Trout Cat 12.5z
      • 12734 WELL Tur Cat 12.5z
      • 12740 WELL Chic Cat 5.5z
      • 12908 OMH Mini Friends PB 20#
      • 4079033 WELL Core INDR Cat 5.5z
      • 4089407 OMH Mini Friends PB 20#
      • 4894520 WELL 95 Chic Dog 13.2z
      • 4894544 WELL 95 Salm Dog 13.2z

Eagle and Holistic Select are also experiencing shortages in all regions.


The following BFF Pouches are on allocation until March 2014:

    • Item 8008009 BFF GF Luv Yas
    • Item 8008987 BFF Baby Cake
    • Item 8008994 BFF Tuna & Salmon Sweet Cheeks
    • Item 8008980 BFF GF Charm Me Cat Pouch
    • Item 8008949 BFF GF Devour Me Cat Pouch
    • Item 8008932 BFF GF Tickles Cat Pouch

Wholesome Hide

Wholesome Hide has discontinued the following items due to a shortage of supply.

      • ASC SKU# 9000278 WH Flat Knot BF BCN 4-5" Hide Treat SSP027
      • ASC SKU# 9000285 WH Flat Knot BF BCN 6-7" Hide Treat SSP028
      • ASC SKU# 9000292 WH Flat Knot BF BCN 8-9" Hide Treat SSP029
      • ASC SKU# 9000162 WH Pork Hide Roll 9-10" Rtvr Roll SSP016
      • ASC SKU# 9000506 WH BF BCN Blanket 9-10" Rtvr Roll SSP050
      • ASC SKU# 9009271 WH BCN in Blanket 4-5" SSP927
      • ASC SKU# 9000599 Basic Bone Rawhide Chips 1# BB059
      • ASC SKU# 9000629 Basic Bone Rawhide Chips 2# BB062


The vendor is shorting the following item. Expected ETA is the 4/15.

    • Item 6493295 Purr Highness

The vendor is discontinuing the following items:

    • Item 6493097 Petlink Mix Scratch Post 49309 n Scratcher
    • Item 6494926 Double Whammy


    • Liver Gourmet Dog Cat 5.5z (53164) - on backorder at Wysong. No ETA
    • Feline treats - Wysong only has short dated product on hand. No ETA
    • Epigen Fish (WDEF16) and Nurture Feline Formula (WDFN20) - Wysong only has short dated product on hand. No ETA

Wysong is discontinuing the following Dr Dream Treats. Only the Dream TRT Chicken is being replaced by the vendor. We will sell through remaining inventory of these discontinued items.

    • 5190379 Wysong Dr Dream HLTH Teeth 32g: NO REPLACEMENT
    • 5190409 Wysong Dr Dream HLTH Teath 112g: NO REPLACEMENT
    • 5190300 Wysong Dream TRT Pheas LG 138g: NO REPLACEMENT
    • 5190270 Wysong Dream TRT Pheas SM 32g: NO REPLACEMENT
    • 5190256 Wysong Dream TRT Chic SM 32g: NO REPLACEMENT

The item below has been discontinued but a replacement is available:

    • 5190287 Wysong DTC24 Dream TRT Chic 125g: REPLACEMENT 5991297 DTA24 Dream TRT Chic 125g


The following Z-Bones will not be available until the vendor does a new run of the product. There is limited availability; ETA is unknown.

    • 3821154 Z Bone Apple Mini 72ct
    • 3821277 Z Bone cherry Reg 25ct
    • 3821376 Z Bone Cherry LG 18ct


There is inventory on hand from the discontinued lines below that will need to be sold through. Currently all products are listed on Closeout.

    1. Big Shrimpy - PNW, MTN & NCA
    2. DNA - all areas
    3. Angel Eyes - PNW, MTN & CA
    4. Antler Chewz - PNW
    5. Mammoth Pet Products - PNW, MTN, CA
    6. Newman's Own - PNW & CA
    7. NoviPet - PNW & CA
    8. Jakks Pets - PNW, MTN, CA
    9. The Crump Group, PNW & CA
    10. Bergan/Prudence - PNW, MTN and NCA
    11. Great Life Performance - ID
    12. Kitty's Crumble Litter - PNW & CA only - 4 and 14 lb in stock
    13. Hi-Tek/Life4K9 - ID & CO only - select skus remain in stock
    14. Manna Pro - CA only - select skus remain in stock
    15. Free Range Eco Naturals - SCA
    16. Pet Rageous Designs
    17. Raw Advantage PNW Denver

SCA only Vendors with stock on hand on Closeout:

  1. Bingo
  2. 3 Green Dogs
  3. Ascenta
  4. Bobbi Panter
  5. Cat Dancer Products
  6. Flea Vac
  7. Free Range
  8. Free Hand
  9. From the Field
  10. Katie's Bumpers
  11. Kegel
  12. One Pet Planet - Wooly Fun toys
  13. Organic Farm Store
  14. Organic Oscar
  15. Pawbreakers
  16. Pawz Dog Boots
  17. The Pet Loo
  18. Pet Guard
  19. Zigoo