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Committed To Growth Through Partnership Packet Cover

Animal Supply Company has been solely dedicated to the growth and success of the pet specialty retailer for over 25 years. We believe that strong, lasting relationships with our vendors is the key to our mission: "To deliver success to the independent retailer and earn trustworthy mutually profitable relationships with our vendors and customers.”

We are committed to providing our vendor partners with:

    • Coast-To-Coast Coverage
      Animal Supply Company offers distribution to thousands of pet specialty retailers through several strategically located distribution centers across the nation.
    • Planned Marketing Programs
      Animal Supply Company offers promotional programs which are distributed to retailers through print and web media to increase sales and promote new products.
    • Marketing Strategy & Targeted Placement
      Our direct advertising only goes to our retailers that are within our target market which increases response, ensuring the highest possible participation. It allows your products to be put in a favorable position which encourages a successful promotion.
    • Superior Sales Support
      With talented, knowledgeable staff and successful merchandising and category management programs, we work with retailers to develop and educate them on your brands for lasting success and continued growth.
    • Specialized Category Management
      We’ve developed innovative tools to continuously analyze product mixes on a regional level to align with retailers’ needs, increase profitability and promote brand growth.
    • Accurate Order Fulfillment
      Our Carousel and Radio Frequency warehousing systems allow us to maintain superior inventory control by ensuring timely and accurate fulfillment of orders, provide real-time inventory levels and deliver excellent pick accuracy rates.
    • New Store Openings or Expansions
      We work together as a team – retailer, vendor and distributor to set up new stores or gain new product placement at the store level. Vendors offer Initial Stocking Orders (ISO’s) and our joint sales teams make it happen.
    • PRISM Retail Services Group
      Our merchandising program was especially designed for the independent pet specialty retailer. We can assist our retail partners in fine tuning their retail operations to maximize profits and achieve financial goals.