Angela Spears

Senior Vice President of Digital Strategy & Marketing

Senior Vice President of Digital Strategy & Marketing

Angela’s world changed when she loved and lost a special dog named Monte. Experiencing this bond with a fun-loving Labrador provided her with newfound perspective on life: Windows down? Yes, please! Today, she’s enjoying life with her new puppy, Tracker.

When Angela had the opportunity to join Animal Supply Company, she jumped at the chance to be part of a company focused on the health and happiness of pets. In her role as Senior Vice President of Digital Strategy & Marketing, she seeks to transform the pet industry by promoting our mission, supporting our brand partners and enabling independent retailers to compete in a digital world.

To serve this goal, Angela is redefining our brand and leading us through a digital transformation. Her mobile-first digital philosophy is driving innovation. This forward-thinking approach serves the changing needs of our brand and retail partners.

Angela brings a wealth of experience to this task. Prior to joining Animal Supply Company, Angela served various roles leading product and new business innovation, marketing and portfolio strategy at Verizon. There, she honed her ability to understand technology, translate complex data and lead change.