Choosing the Best Toy for Your Pup

Dog chewing

As a pet parent, it’s important to find ways to expel your dog’s energy. One way to satisfy your aggressive chewer, squeaker destroyer or ball fetcher, is with toys designed especially for your furry friend. Here are a few types of dog toys to consider when shopping for your pup.

Soft Toys

Much like a beloved childhood teddy bear, plush dog toys can be a source of comfort for your pet. These soft, stuffed and sometimes squeaky toys are ideal for carrying, snuggling and an impromptu game of fetch.

Interactive Toys

While dog-friendly restaurants, stores and workplaces are on the rise, your pup can’t accompany you everywhere. So, it’s important to keep your pooch entertained while you’re apart. Interactive toys, like puzzles, are intellectually stimulating and provide your dog with a much-needed distraction while you’re away.

Exercise Toys

Dogs and fetch go together like peanut butter and Kong. But, in all seriousness, dogs have an innate desire to retrieve things. Items like tennis balls, discs and braided ropes can provide your pet with endless amounts of fun and special bonding time with their favorite person – you.

No matter what toy you purchase, it’s important to supervise the first few interactions to make sure your pet has safe playtime habits. For more information about which toy is best for your pup, visit a local pet store near you.