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Deliver products from your online store to pet shoppers’ front doors

Introducing Animal Supply Connect

Animal Supply Connect is just one of the digital innovations Animal Supply offers to help you grow your business, save on costs, and continue to meet the changing expectations of pet shoppers.


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Focus on what you do best and leave the fulfillment and shipping to us! With Animal Supply Connect you can:


Compete Online

Meet the growing expectations of today’s pet shoppers by offering more online

Increase Sales

Create in-store and online experiences to grow sales

2-Day Shipping

Ship the products pet shoppers love within two business days

Here's How It Works


Pet shoppers browse and purchase through your online store


Animal Supply receives and fulfills the order from one of our 7 eCommerce warehouses


Animal Supply delivers the order using our new smart logistics technology


Pet shoppers receive packages at their door within two business days

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An established eCommerce site is required for Animal Supply Connect.  If you don’t already have a platform set up, we’ve partnered with easy-to-establish eCommerce integration platforms.  Introducing our newest partners:


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Have questions? Check out these FAQs

What is Animal Supply Connect?

Animal Supply Connect is just one of the digital innovations Animal Supply offers to help you grow your business, save on costs, and continue to meet the changing expectations of pet shoppers.

With Connect, you can:

  • Retain existing pet shoppers who prefer both in-store and online shopping
  • Win back customers who may have migrated to big online retailers
  • Meet pet shoppers’ desire to shop local, support small businesses and enjoy rapid delivery

How does Animal Supply Connect work?

With Animal Supply Connect, you focus on what you do best – selling product – and leave the shipping to us! The process is simple:

  • Pet shoppers browse and purchase through your online store
  • Animal Supply receives the online order and delivers to your customers using smart logistics
  • Packages arrive, with your store name and logo on the packing slip, within two business days

What does Animal Supply Connect cost me as a retailer?

Animal Supply Connect has no setup fees.  Depending on your own system capabilities, you might incur third party costs for technical development of an eCommerce platform.

Why should I use Animal Supply Connect?

If you sell online, or are considering doing so, Animal Supply Connect can deliver products from your online store to pet shoppers’ front doors within two business days.

This innovative solution allows you to gain an instant competitive edge in the online marketplace and win back your pet shoppers who might be using other eCommerce solutions.

How do I become an Animal Supply Connect Retailer?

Due to the volume of interest in this exciting program, we are placing customers in the Connect Queue.

If you are already an Animal Supply Retailer, you can submit your interest in the Connect program here.

If you are a new retailer with Animal Supply, you can submit your application for the Connect program by filling out the Retailer Inquiry Form, and then add your name to our queue here.

Will using Animal Supply Connect mean fewer in-store visits by my customers?

Today’s pet shoppers enjoy a blended shopping experience. Animal Supply Connect was designed to help independent pet retailers meet the growing expectations of pet shoppers by creating the online experience your customers want. Connect is not meant to replace in-store experiences, but to provide the online solution pet shoppers need when they are short on time.

How does shipping work?

We use our nationwide distribution network and smart logistics to deliver product from the warehouse closest to your customer. Connect can deliver most orders within two business days.

How can I offer a competitive price compared to large eCommerce websites?

Connect eliminates common overhead costs – which means you can offer a broad selection of products without the cost of ordering, receiving and storing extra inventory.

How long does onboarding take?

Once you reach the top of the queue and are ready to begin onboarding you can expect the onboarding process to take about 4-6 weeks until you are live on Connect.

Do packages shipped through Connect look like they came directly from my store?

Yes, a custom packing slip, included in every order, will be created with your logo and any other contact information specified.

Are there any eligibility requirements?

All interested retailers with an eCommerce website are welcome to apply.


What shipping costs are associated with Connect?

As the retailer you pay the cost of the item and shipping. You specify what price your customers pay for each item and the shipping.

Connect does not charge additional fees for standard packing materials.

What products can I offer through Animal Supply Connect?

Animal Supply Connect offers over 5,500 SKUs for fulfillment. You may update your current item selection through the Animal Supply Connect portal at any time.

The available products may be amended by Animal Supply at any time.

What if I don't have an online storefront?

To utilize Connect, you must have an online storefront. If you don’t have an online storefront, you can check out one of our preferred eCommerce partners, Big Commerce, eTailPet, or Shopify.  Building a website with one of these platforms allows for seamless integration into the Connect program.

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