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If you're not selling online, you should be.

eCommerce sales of pet consumables have grown an incredible 53% while total growth in pet consumables stands at 5%.* That means online sales are growing 10x faster compared to total growth of the category.

*Nielson, between June 2017 and June 2019

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Why should I use Animal Supply Connect?

Connect can deliver products from your online store to your customer’s front door within 2 business days.  This innovative solution gives you an instant edge in the online marketplace and helps you win back customers who may have migrated to big online retailers.

Will using Animal Supply Connect mean fewer in-store visits by my customers?

Today’s pet shoppers enjoy a blended shopping experience. Connect was designed to help independent pet retailers meet the growing expectations of pet shoppers by helping create the online experience your shoppers want. Connect is not meant to replace in-store experiences, but to provide the online solution pet shoppers need when they are short on time.

What if I don’t have an online storefront?

To utilize Connect, you must have an online storefront. If you don’t have one, you can check out one of our preferred eCommerce partners, eTailPet or Shopify to help you establish one. Building a website with one of these platforms allows for seamless integration with Connect.

How long does it take to get started?

Onboarding can occur after a retailer has an online presence and has completed all application requirements.  Typical onboarding for retailers who are working with a preferred eCommerce partner takes between 3-4 weeks and will be processed above any retailer requiring custom set up.  Retailers using other eCommerce partners or requiring custom development will take longer.

What does Animal Supply Connect cost me as a retailer?

You pay only for the product ordered by your customer and the cost to ship that product from the closest ASC warehouse to their front door. We invoice weekly for all orders received during the week and require payment by auto-clearing house the following week. You decide what to charge your customer for shipping, and you set the cost of the items on your site.

How does shipping work?

Your customer’s order is routed for processing in the warehouse closest to their location and shipped using FedEx Ground or SmartPost. Our nationwide warehouse network allows delivery within 1-3 days to the lower 48 via FedEx Ground, but we also offer expedited services if needed.  Your weekly invoice will reflect the published rate of the chosen method, minus the Connect discount.

Can I use my store’s branding on packages shipped via Connect?

Yes! The box will not reference Animal Supply anywhere. We are able to display your store’s logo, address, and/or contact information on the packing slip. The shipping label will also have your store’s information on it.

What products can I offer through Animal Supply Connect?

Connect offers over 4,000 products in our catalog. You can choose to sell as many of these products as you’d like. The product list is constantly growing and we encourage you to check the catalog regularly for new products. For catalog questions, please email

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