Joe Carras

Vice President of Sales

Vice President of Sales

Joe Carras is a dynamic leader with over 15 years of experience in sales, leadership, and business development. Before his tenure at Animal Supply, Joe made impactful contributions through his diverse leadership roles at PepsiCo and Target, as well as his time spent in professional sports working for New Mexico United, Phoenix Suns, and the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Throughout his career, Joe’s hallmark has been his aptitude for cultivating robust relationships that drive tangible revenue growth. As the Vice President of Sales at Animal Supply Company, Joe brings to the forefront extensive knowledge and expertise, coupled with an unwavering passion for animals. His strategic acumen, combined with his initiative to forge lasting connections, emphasizes his role in driving the company forward.

Joe’s leadership ethos is marked by a collaborative spirit, empowering his team to achieve collective goals while maintaining a steadfast focus on delivering results. He nurtures a culture of accountability and continuous improvement, urging his team to embrace innovation and adaptability in response to market dynamics. Under his stewardship, Animal Supply Company has solidified its position as a trusted partner to retailers nationwide.

Outside of work, Joe loves spending time with his wife, children, and his two-fun-loving Golden Doodles. He loves traveling, spending time in nature, and soaking up live music.