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Your customers’ choice to shop with you is built on trust. Trust that you understand their needs. That you’ll stock top-quality and hard-to-find products. And that every time they visit, they’ll find new and exciting options alongside their favorite brands. We can help.

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Customers have many options when shopping for their pets. What keeps them coming back?

We draw on more than 25 years of industry knowledge to help you answer that question. From the latest product trends to in-store merchandising, we pass our unique expertise to you in a variety of ways:

Hosting Conferences

We host several buying shows.

Throughout the year we showcase and teach our retail partners about new products. These shows are packed with product information—plus educational opportunities. Learn about cutting-edge marketing tools, receive social media training and more.

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Product Training

Our retailers receive regular product trainings.

Our retailers receive regular product trainings with the latest advice, tips and instructions. We look for opportunities to bring brand partners to your store so you can learn firsthand.

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“There is never a sense that Kymberlee is trying to shoehorn in an item or line. Rather, she offers insight into industry trends and shifting perspectives to help us curate our selection and stay in front of customer needs. She also offers guidance on day-to-day topics like merchandising, promotions and best practices. We seek her advice constantly.”