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Whether your business is big or small, shipping has a major impact on your success. Animal Supply Company is the nation’s leading distributor of wholesale pet products and provides reliable and affordable logistics services for all retailers and brands. Whatever your needs, we’re here with quick delivery and friendly, professional service.


Our Team Delivers

We offer 1-3 day shipping via existing in-route deliveries, dedicated fleets, and approved third-party carriers. With real time visibility, we can track your shipment any time, anywhere. All provided with the care and customer support of the Animal Supply Company team.


Transportation For Anyone

Whether you’re a long-time Animal Supply partner, or just need to ship something in a pinch, anyone can use our logistics services. We offer delivery and transportation solutions to all kinds of retailers across the United States.

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You’re Connected With Our Distribution Network

15 distribution centers. 8 cross-docks. 400 transportation assets. Approved third-party carriers. Real-time visibility. When you use our logistics services, you have access to a distribution network that covers 10 million miles annually across 47 states. We provide unmatched visibility and flexibility to accommodate any transportation need, at any time.

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Deliver Faster, Save More Money

In addition to our extensive routing network, Animal Supply Company can help your business cut transportation costs in several ways. Whether it’s reducing accessorial charges from LTL providers, reducing cost of goods sold with quick, efficient shipping or cutting parcel carrier costs, we can help your business save time and money.

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