Animal Supply and Postmates team up to deliver the best to pets

Each New Year brings new opportunity. This year, we’re bringing our retail partners the opportunity to provide convenient, fast, affordable on-demand home delivery. We’re providing a way to deliver products to pet parents in minutes-not days. How? Through an exclusive partnership with Postmates.

We heard from many of our retail partners that competing with online mega-retailers like Amazon and Chewy was keeping them up at night. That’s why we’re joining forces with Postmates, whose couriers will deliver product directly from stores to customers’ front doors.

This is a turnkey solution that makes what once seemed complicated and out of reach, easy and accessible. Now, our retailers will have the competitive edge, as Postmates is an on-demand service providing deliveries in minutes! Not two days or even overnight.

And this is just the start. It’s just one of the ways we’re supporting the independent pet channel and helping to ensure pets are happy, healthy and safe.

We are rolling out this solution in a phased market approach. Stay tuned for more details coming soon!