Animal Supply Company Welcomes New Member of Executive Team, Angela Spears

IRVING, TX – (March 9, 2018) – Animal Supply Company recently announced the appointment of Angela Spears to Senior Vice President, Digital Strategy & Marketing. The elevation of Angela’s role to the executive team is just one indication of the company’s drive to strengthen focus on innovation and digital transformation.

“When I first had the opportunity to join Animal Supply Company in August of 2016, I jumped at the chance to be part of a company focused on the health and happiness of pets, which is a personal passion of mine,” Spears says. “My goal has been to transform the pet industry by promoting the company’s mission, vision and values, and enable our brand partners and independent retailers to compete in a digital world.”

In her short tenure, Angela has done that and more. Her accomplishments include overseeing the re-launch of the website, developing a new e-commerce platform, starting the company’s first philanthropic activities, and leading the company’s partnership with Postmates.

“Angela’s leadership has driven innovation not only within our company, but in the entire independent pet industry,” said Don McIntyre, Chief Executive Office. “We’re excited to welcome Angela to the executive team, where I know she will continue to bring forward-thinking digital approaches to bear and exceed the expectations of our brand and retail partners.”

Prior to joining Animal Supply Company, Angela served various roles leading product and new business innovation, marketing and portfolio strategy at Verizon. There, she honed her ability to understand technology, translate complex data and lead change.