April 23: Round-Up of COVID-19 Resources

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Find out how you can maintain relationships with your customers, how stores are giving back to their communities, and much more in this week’s pet industry update.



4 Ways to Communicate with Customers During COVID-19


Animal Supply Company – April 22, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is far from over and some essential pet retailers – especially brick and mortar – are struggling to maintain relationships with their customers. Here are a few things you can do to connect with pet parents.

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A Distributor’s Take on Why Pet Suppliers Should Unite As COVID-19 Challenges Continue


Pet Business – April 14, 2020

The CEO of Animal Supply Co. asserts that the grocery channel supply chain can’t keep up with pet owners’ needs and offers an update on what his company is doing to support pet specialty.

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Retailers Embrace Social Media Amid Coronavirus Lockdown


Pet Business – April 14, 2020

To keep customers informed and engaged, pet stores have had to adjust their social media strategy to account for the current climate.

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Schedule of Upcoming COVID-19 Webinars


Pets+ Magazine – April 8, 2020

Learn how you can manage your pet business through the coronavirus.

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How Are Pet Stores Doing During the Coronavirus Lockdown?


Pet Business – April 14, 2020

While many retailers experienced a sales surge in mid to late March, the ongoing quarantine is posing some challenges (and opportunities) for pet stores.

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Survey Reveals How COVID-19 is Impacting Pet Parents


VitusVet – April 13, 2020

The majority of pet owners said that pets provided a source of comfort during uncertain times, with many mentioning increased activity and social media appearances.

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Pet CBD purchasing reflects COVID-19 e-commerce bump


PetFood Industry – April 20, 2020

The CBD segment of pet products is seeing a sustained upswing in online sales as the pandemic continues.

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Podcast: How Pet Businesses Are Supporting Their Communities During COVID-19


Pets+ – April 11, 2020

ASC Retailer Dog Krazy shares how they are supporting small businesses of all types in their communities, including buying gift cards from local restaurants to reward customers who buy pet food for a local rescue.

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PIJAC: Don’t Treat COVID-19 with Ivermectin


Pet Age – April 15, 2020

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Center for Veterinary Medicine has issued a letter to stakeholders warning against humans using ivermectin products intended for animals

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Paycheck Protection Program Is Depleted, APPA Responds


Pet Product News – April 17, 2020

APPA is calling upon pet product companies to send a message urging the federal government to immediately free up more funding for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

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During uncertain times, one thing remains constant: Animal Supply is here to support you and your business. Together, we can help keep pets and our communities happy, healthy and safe.

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