ASC Frozen Commitment

Animal Supply Company Commitment to the Frozen Pet Food Category

The growing awareness to the health benefits of frozen pet food brings consumer demands that must be met! Animal Supply Company (ASC) is committed to the Frozen Pet Food category by providing the best products and services possible as this category continues to grow nationally.
We are proud to share that ASC’s national frozen footprint has now increased to over 20,000 sq ft available from seven of our primary distribution centers. Our investment in freezer capacity is in direct support of our growing portfolio of high-quality brands to deliver to you to make the connection to your customers, including such brands as: Answers, Boss Dog, A Pup Above, Lotus, Instinct, Northwest Naturals, Primal, Stella and Chewy’s, Tuckers, Vital Essentials, Hikari, Ocean Nutrition, and San Franciso Bay and yes…many more to come!

Our national commitment to the Frozen Pet Category does not stop with physical freezers, coolers, and dry ice. Our operations team manages the freezers with strict food safety policies and procedures. Temperature checks are conducted at multiple stages of product handling, including as we receive product from vendors, before we load it on the truck to your store, and at the time of delivery. Visual inspections are also performed at several stages, and we are continuously working with our vendor partners to develop expanded safety protocols.

We are committed to providing the best service to our retail partners, and excited to grow together with you in the frozen food segment!