Ohio Valley Buying Show | August 19-20

Product Ordering and Shipping


Ordering Products from Animal Supply Company

  • To order products for your booth, submit your orders to office@animalsupply.com using the product order form below.

  • Orders must be submitted no later than August 4th

  • We will bill back as we normally do for sample products and deliver the products to your booth on August 19th before set-up.

  • We will attempt to fill all show orders 100%; if a product is out of stock, we will let you know as soon as possible.

  • Note: Products ordered from ASC cannot be returned to inventory.

Order Booth Products

Shipping Products to the Show 

If you are shipping products to the show yourself, all items must be sent to our Orrville, OH Distribution Center via a traceable carrier (address below).

  • If you are shipping products with a regular ASC PO, it will need to be separate from Buying Show products and clearly labeled.

  • Shipments must be received in Orrville no later than August 4th. Late shipments will not be accepted.

  • Receiving hours in Orrville are 8:00am- 2:00pm, Monday- Friday. Please let your carrier know when arranging show shipments.

  • Only standard pallets will be accepted, no over-hang.

  • Pallets must have 8.5″x11″ label on 2 sides with Vendor name, “Ohio Buying Show”, Contact Name & Phone #.

  • On mixed vendor pallets, each box must be individually labeled.

Ship to: 

Animal Supply Company
Orrville Distribution Center
1630 Commerce Dr.
Orrville, OH 44667

Post- Show Options

After the show, you will need to pack up and palletize your products. You have FIVE options for handling your products after the show is over (see below). Regardless of which option you choose, all products will be removed from the show floor and shipped back to the Orrville DC for processing. Here are your post-show options:

  1. TRANSFER- At your request, ASC will transfer your booth to our next Buying Show in Portland, OR (Oct 21-22); 2020. A $175/ pallet fee applies and will be added to your booth fee invoice.
  2. SELL- You may sell the products in your booth to a local retailer. Animal Supply Company will deliver your products to the retailer. A $75/ pallet fee will be charged to the vendor. The charge will be added to your show invoice. If a retailer is taking your products with them immediately after the show, there is no charge.

  3. DONATE- If you would like to donate your booth products, you may leave them at your booth. Please box/ palletize the products and ASC will donate them to a local animal shelter.

  4. RETURN- If you would like to return your products to your facility, ASC can arrange for freight. We will add the cost of freight to your show invoice. If you would like to have your products sent via UPS or FedEx, you must bring your own shipping label with your account information already filled out. We will arrange for pick-up from our Orrville DC.

  5. TAKE- You are welcome to take your products with you after the show is over. Please be aware we do not have carts available for loading items into your personal vehicle- plan accordingly.