COVID-19 Operations Updates

Page updated June 2, 2020


Returns Policy

Please see our updated returns policy for additional details.

Will Call Safety Precautions

Effective immediately, will call hours have been adjusted to limit in-person interactions.  The new hours are 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Customers will also be asked to follow a new process:

  • Call ahead when picking up an order.  If call ahead is not possible, please call/text the phone number provided or posted on the warehouse door upon your arrival
  • Follow all directions regarding designated loading/parking areas
  • Remain in your vehicle and do not enter the building
  • Instruct the loader where to load the product in your vehicle (i.e. trunk, back seat)

Delivery Safety Precautions

Until further notice, delivery drivers will follow new delivery protocols to ensure a safe delivery experience:

  • Place all product in customer designated safe delivery drop areas (preferably outdoors, weather permitting)
  • Drivers will no longer stock shelves during their store visit, or put product away
  • Maintain 6-feet of distance between all people and avoid physical greetings (handshakes, high-fives, etc.)
  • Avoid handling payments by asking customers to verify payment and place cash or checks directly into a plastic envelope
  • Discontinue requests for customer signatures.  All Proof of Delivery processes including driver comments, tote check-off and temperature recordings will remain intact
  • Stack and shrink wrap customer returns on a separate pallet

Delivery Delays

Due to impacts of COVID-19, retailers can expect delivery delays over the next few weeks.  Rest assured our teams are working hard to get deliveries out the door safely and efficiently.